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Volume 8, Issue 2 - December, 2015

A Comparison of Beginning Farmer Needs Assessments
Dill, S. P.; Beale, B.; Shear, H.; Hanson, J.

Case Study: Evaluating Farm Processed Canola and Camelina Meals as Protein Supplements for Beef Cattle
Llewellyn, D. A.; Rohwer, G.; Norberg, O. S.; Kimura, E.; Neibergs, J. S.; Fransen, S. C.

Changing The Way of Thinking For Sheep And Goat Producers; From Hobby to Profitability in West Central Missouri
Cahill, N.; Jaster, S.

Corn Yield Results from Sidedressing with Liquid Livestock Manure
Arnold, G.J.

Early-Use Evaluation Metrics of an Extension Beef Cattle Management Website
Mullenix, M. K.; Hartley, J. O.; Forte, E. M.

Funding Restructuring between County and Extension—Sectors of Staff Concern
McMoran, D. W.; Diane Smith; Kate Seymour; Doug Stienbarger

Genesis of the Salt Lake County Jail Horticulture Program - 5 Years and Growing
Wagner, K.M.

Hydroponic Barley Fodder Feed Tests on Replacement Rams and Ewes
Sulser, A.

Managing for Today and Tomorrow: An Effective Transition Planning Course for Farm and Ranch Women
Schultz, Madeline M.; Anderson, Mandi J.; Eggers, Timothy; Hambleton, Ruth; Leibold, Kelvin

Monetary Estimates of Feral Hog Damage to Agricultural Producers in Louisiana
Tanger, S.M.; Guidry, K.M.; Nui, H.

Surveying Soil Health with the Solvita CO2 Respiration Test
Sciarappa, W.; Quinn, V.; Murphy, S.; Barresi, R.

The Evolving Role of Cooperative Extension in Utah's Central Bull Performance Test: A Case Study
Chapman, C. K.

The Impact of 4-H Judging Team Participation on Career and Life Skills
Boone, D. A.; Anderson, E. H.; Boone, H. N.; Woloshuk, J. M.

The Panhandle Butterfly House Expands Environmental Awareness
Derrick, M. L.

USDA Certified Processing of Livestock and Poultry in Selected Counties: An Initial Evaluation of Feasibility and Need
Harman, M.B.

Utilizing Urease Inhibitors With Urea To Stockpile Fescue
Penrose, C.; McCutcheon, J.; Landefeld, M.

Western Wheatgrass in Windrows versus Stockpiling
Matney, C.