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Volume 7, Issue 2 - December, 2014

Building a Successful Field Night through Collaboration
Bruynis, C. L.; Fisher, J.; Dugan, D.A.; Grimes, J.; Bergefurd, B.; Wells, K

Coordinating Effective Professional Development Projects
Brzozowski, R.

Defining Programming Directions and Priorities With Respect to Water Quality and Row Crop Production
Carlson, B. M.

Does Hay Sample Analysis Reveal Forage Management Practices by Producers?
Han, K.J.; Twidwell, E.K.

Effect of Fungicide Application On Corn Yield
Flanary, W.; Crawford, J.J.W.

Evaluation of Fungicide Seed Treatments for Sweet Corn
Wohleb, C. H.

Evaluation of Soil Applied Gypsum on Soybean, Corn and Wheat Yields and Soil Quality on Poorly Drained, Clay Soils
Clevenger, W. B.; Islam, R.K.

Identifying the Factors Affecting Ohio Farmersí Quality of Life
Windon, S. R.; Jepsen, S. D.; Scheer, S. D.

Is Natural Resource Policy an Appropriate Arena for Extension Programing?
Warren, W. A.

On-Farm Production of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungus Inoculum in Compost and Vermiculite Mixtures: Results of On-Farm Demonstrations and Impact of Compost Microbiological Quality
Douds, D. D.; Chaiyasen, A.; Vasquez, L. R.; Wertheim, F. S.

Potential Impact of Washington State Alfalfa Variety Testing from 1990 to 2013
Norberg, S.

Recommendations for Extension Professionals and Volunteers Regarding Individuals with Delusional Infestation
Kerr, S. R.; Glass, J. R.; Collman, S. J.; Bush, M. R.; Pehling, D. J.; Murray, T. A.

Sowing a Bountiful Harvest: The Methods of Cooperative Extension Service Promotion in Georgia, 1914-1924
Beasley, K.L.; Beasley, J.P., Jr.

Sting Nematode Reproduction and Effects on Root Weight in Tall Fescue Cultivars
Runsick, B.

Title Grazing Management Practices among West Virginia Beef Producers
Deborah A. Boone; Marcus T. McCartney; Harry N. Boone, Jr.; Edward B. Rayburn; Jean M. Woloshuk

When Science and Public Demand Are in Conflict: The Case of Wildlife Food Plots
McPeake, R. J.; Barry, J.; Walkingstick, T.