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Volume 6, Issue 2 - December, 2013

A Farmer Survey of Phosphorus Issues
Hoorman, J.J.; Willaim B. Clevenger; Curtis E. Young; Steven P. Prochaska; Jefferson S. McCutcheon

An NCR-SARE Cover Crop Project: Farmer-Cooperator Motivation And Agronomic Practices
Sackett, J. L.

Boundary Organizations: a New Framework for Understanding Agricultural Extension Work
Jones, J. G.

Capture and Control of an Old West Desperado: Broom Snakeweed
Keyes, J.D.; Banks. J; Ralphs, M; Ransom, C

Cumulative Forage Production in Monoculture and Additive Annual Ryegrass Mixes with Cereal Rye
Lemus, R.; Morrison, J.I; White, J.A.

Effect of AVAIL and Nutrisphere-N Application on Annual Ryegrass Production and Quality
Lemus, R.; Crouse, K.; Cox, M.; Varco, J.; White, J.A.; Morrison, J.I.

Effectiveness of Iron Chelate Molluscide Baits for Control of Gray Field Slugs (Deroceras reticulatum M.) in Grass and Clover Seed Crops in Oregon
Anderson, N.; Dreves, A.J.; Hoffman, G.D.

Evaluating Durability of Perennial Grass Cultivars for Equine Pastures
Sciarappa, W.; Bonos, S.; Hulme, B.; Meyer, W.; Mohr, M.

Factors Influencing 4-H Leader Volunteer Recruitment and Retention
Boone, D. A; Payne, R.; Boone, H. N., Jr.; Woloshuk, J. M.

Finishing Bison by Offering a Choice of Feeds and Room to Roam
Burritt, B.; Kossler, M,; Villalba, J.

Necessary Approaches to USDA Program Access and Outreach toward American Indians and other Minority Audiences
Emm, S.; Lewis, S.; Singletary, L

Nevada Beginning Farmer and Rancher Project Mentoring
Bishop, C.; Emm, S.; Landis, M.

Organizing Extension Fact Sheets Into A Comprehensive Gardening Publication
Wagner, K.; Olsen, S.