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Volume 8, Issue 1 - June, 2015

Greening the Department of Public Works Facility
Rector, P.; Christopher C. Obropta

High Tunnel Pest Exclusion System: Laboratory and Field Experiences
Majumdar, A. Z.; Ann Chambliss; Will Mastin; Steve Carpenter

Impacts of Farm Tractor Safety Training for Youth & Adults in Southern Maine
Brzozowski, R.

Management Structure Impact on Economic Success of Farmers Markets
Scott, H. R.; Boone, H. N.; Boone, D. A.; Brown, C

Mediating Socio-political Barriers to Water Quality Improvement in Surface Water on Grazed Wildlands
Hudson, T.D.

More Maine Meat
Coffin, D.; Kersbergen, R.

Non-Linear Presentations with Sozi and Prezi
Mangiafico, S.

The Effect of Winter Forage Planting Methods on Water Quality in a Beef Cattle Grazing System
Morgan, D.; Gentry, G.T.; Gurie, J.

Weed Control in Bermudagrass: Effect on Biomass Production and Quality
Lemus, R.; White, J.A.

What’s in a Name: Updating Extension Programs as Part of a Marketing Strategy
Kushla, J.D.; Gordon, J.S.; Londo, A.J.

Women Are From Venus: Unique Programming Needs & Challenges of Women Farmers
Blazek, J.; Wantoch, K.; Sterry, R.; Kirkpatrick, J.