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Volume 9, Issue 1 - June, 2016

Editor: Lee Stivers
A Successful Youth Beef Exhibitor Program: Reviewing History, Industry Milestones, Education, and 35 Years of Carcass Excellence
Llewellyn, D. A.; Sero, R.; Walker, E.; Neibergs, J. S.; Driver, J. P.; Smith, J.

An Annual Precision Agriculture Field Day on the Delmarva
Miller, J. O.; Dill, S.; Rhodes, J.; Fiorellino, N.; McGrath, J.

Application of Overseeded Tropical Legumes for Enhanced Utilization of Summer Grass Pasture in the Deep South Region of the USA
Han, K.J.; Twidwell, E.K.

Beyond the Workshop: Continuing Estate and Transfer Plan Development by Providing Technological Resources
Melendez, M. V.; Polanin, N.; Carleo, J.; Brumfield, R.; O'neill, B.

Case Study: Influence of Fall Liquid Protien Supplementation on Performance of Beef Cows Grazing Native Range
Llewellyn, D. A.; Marston, T. T.

Comparing Fertilizer Additives Applied to Urea for Stockpiling Orchardgrass
Landefeld, M. A.; Penrose, C.

Cooperative Extension and Neighbors: Adoption of Rain Gardens
Rector, P.; Obropta, C.C.

Cover Crops Demonstration Project in North Central Idaho
Finkelnburg, D.F.; Hart, K.N.; Church, J.A.

Eat Well Volunteers Program Takes Feeding the Hungry to a New Level
Peronto, M.; Yerxa, K.

Effect of High Tunnel Pest Exclusion System on Two Natural Enemies
Majumdar, A.; Chambliss, A.

Guidance for Directors and Leaders of Agricultural Organizations in New Jersey
Infante-Casella, M.; Schilling, B.

Proven Strategies to Maximize Profits to Cow-Calf Producers
Doye, Damona; DeVuyst, Eric; Lalman, David; Raper, Kellie

Results of a Legal Issue Survey to Farmland Leasing Workshop Attendees in Ohio
Hall, P. K.; Ward, B.

The Pawpaw: An Emerging Specialty Crop
Cantaluppi, C. J.

Using a Community Partner to Help Assess Extension Program Needs
Caron, M.; Linden Greenhalgh; Stephen Ashton

Wheat Yield Results from Top-dressing with Liquid Swine Manure
Arnold, G.; Douridas, A.

Yield and Fruit-Size Distribution of 17 Pumpkin (Cucurbita pepo) Cultivars Grown in Northern Utah
Beddes, T; Caron, M; Miner, D.; Drost, D.; Lauritzen, E.