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Volume 9, Issue 2 - December, 2016

Editor: Lee Stivers
A Model for Professional Development: Annie’s Project National Educator Conferences
Schultz, M.M.; Anderson, M.J.

Beef Basics: An online short course for beef cattle farmers
Mullenix, M.K.; Tucker, J.J.; Anderson, L.K.; Rodning, S.P.; Tigue, A.; Marks, L.

Beef Retailer Perception of Consumer Purchasing Habits
Blair, A.D.; Underwood, K.R.; Zuelly, S.M.S.; Anderson, J.; Johnson, J.E.

Developing high-quality, low-cost online training materials for adult learners
Daniels, C. H.; Miller, Megan M.

Financing Alternatives for Beginning Cow/Calf Operations
Doye, D. ; Sahs, R.

Measuring pH and Water Activity in Cured Reduced Oxygen Packaged Snack Sticks
Theisen, M.; Schweihofer, J.P.

Pacific Northwest Pest Alert Network Delivers Strategic IPM Information to Agricultural and Urban Audiences
Neufeld, J. ; Agenbroad, A; Guggenheim, R.; Hirnyck, R.

Production Potential of Teff Grass as a Forage Crop in Mississippi
Lemus, R. ; White, J.A.

Soil quality and nutrient levels in new and established high tunnels in Maine
Fitzgerald, C.B. ; Hutton, M.

Ten-Year Replicated Asparagus Cultivar Evaluation Summary
Cantaluppi, C. J.

Whole Farm Analysis with Crop Enterprise Budgets
Flanders, A.