2021 NACAA Scholarship Fundraiser

$$$  On-line Silent Auction  $$$




Auction site is www.32auctions.com/nacaa2021

Anyone can view the Auction without an account.

Only bidders need an account.


Bidding Opens:  6 am (CST) on Thurs., July 1

Bidding Closes: 7 pm (CST) on Wed., July 7


WHY donate an item to this Auction?

It’s an easy way to become financially ‘vested’ in the Scholarship Program. Fully ‘vested’, active Extension Agents are eligible to apply for educational enhancement funds. The amount your donated item brings is what you, the auction item donor, will receive credit for ($$$) toward a contribution to the NACAA Scholarship Program.


Send donation form & 1 image to your Scholarship Region Vice Chair or National Chair.

Refer to the Donation Request Form.           Donate deadline: 12 Noon CST on Wed., June 30.


‘VESTED’ means … you have contributed at least $40 to this Scholarship Program.

A $40 contribution makes you eligible for your 1st $1,000; give another $60 ($100 total) and you’re eligible for an addition $1,000. The funds can be used for professional improvement opportunities: advanced degrees, specialized training or conferences, study tours (domestic and abroad).


Auction Item EXAMPLES:

Extension memorabilia - books, calendars, artwork, 4-H, FCS, Ag, Nat. Resources

Jewelry (local artisan) – bolo, earrings, necklace, choker, cufflink, ring & broach

Craftsman – pottery, iron work, gourds, wood carving, blown glass & painting

Food items - spice, sauce, cheese, seasoning, candy, nuts & syrup

Spirits - barrel lids, trays, shot glasses.

             Rules for shipping alcohol are strict and vary greatly by state. The only people who can legally ship alcohol are companies who are licensed to sell alcohol to parties in states that permit shipments.

Clothing – handbags, jacket, hats, vests, scarf, boots & waders

Animal care – bridle, brush/comb, feeder (bird, hummer), caller (turkey, deer), salt block

Agriculture products – pest control, fertilizer, seed, equipment

Trips – hunting, outfitters, whitewater, vacation hotel/lodge stays, spa/massage

Camping – cooking & outdoor gear, dehydrated food, hiking stick, rod and reel, fly’s

Covering - quilt, needle work, afghan, wall hanging, tablecloth

MORE - Vase, candle sticks, ice scraper, fly swatter, back scratcher, yard art, toy



Here's a copy of the downloadable - fillable submission form - Form