Excellence in 4-H Programming


To recognize an NACAA member who has developed and carried out an outstanding extension youth development program(s) for 4-H and other youth.


All members of NACAA with 4-H and youth development programs who are in good standing with their state association may be considered for this program. Previous state and regional winners and national finalists are encouraged to participate again. State 4-H and Youth Chairs are eligible but must follow established guidelines. Team entries are permitted. All team members need not be current members of NACAA. Application must be submitted and signed by a current NACAA member.

Entries will not be considered unless all required signatures are complete on the application form.


Entries should be submitted electronically including attached support material and supervisor letter (see NACAA web site). The entry should consist of 1) the on-line general application form; 2) a narrative not to exceed 1000 words; 3) support material not to exceed 5 pages; and 4) a letter from the entrant's immediate supervisor verifying the program accomplishments. Judging of the entry will be based on: problem identification - 10 points; specific target audience identified - 10 points; goals established - 10 points; teaching methods and activities - 25 points; measurable results, target audience reached, changes noted - 25 points; organization, clearness, readability - 20 points. An abstract of 150-250 words is required with application based on the above criteria. If team entry, team member names on the abstract must be the same as on the application form. See page 12 for abstract example and format that must be followed.


Donors are being solicited for these awards. If adequate donor funds are secured, the National Winner will receive up to $500; three National Finalists up to $250; and state winners up to $50. These cash awards are not cumulative. The Executive Program Committee reserves the right to adjust awards based on the availability of donor funds.

The National Winner will present his/her program during the NACAA AM/PIC, and will provide a poster display for the exhibit area. Poster must be no larger than 44" x 44". Length of presentation should be 15 minutes maximum, with time allowed for questions. Consult AM/PIC Program for time and location.

In the event of a team winning entry, one cash prize will be given in the amount indicated along with an appropriate certificate/plaque to each NACAA member of the team.

All entries will be judged with the National award winner and National Finalists' abstracts being selected for publication in the AM/PIC Proceedings.


Entry must be in possession of your 4-H and Youth Committee State Chair by March 15.

State Chairs should send all only the winning entry to their regional 4-H and Youth Committee Vice Chair by April 1. The Regional Vice-Chair should review the state winning entries for completeness and send one winning entry for each state submitting entries to the National Chair for judging by April 15.