Event Promotional Package

Heidi M Lindberg
Greenhouse Extension Educator
Michigan State University Extension
MSUE West Michigan

Lindberg, H.M.*1,
1 Greenhouse Extension Educator, Michigan State University Extension, West Olive, MI, 49460

The program promotional piece was developed in 2016 to market the online course, “Biological Control for Greenhouse Growers.” The colorful and informative promotional piece was intended to market the course to greenhouse growers, greenhouse scouts, and aligned professionals. This flyer explains the content, affiliated universities and organizations, the webhost, the course offerings, the outline of the course, and a link to the registration website. The flyer was available for download on the Biological Control for Greenhouse Growers Michigan State University registration website and was also distributed to over 700 Michigan greenhouse businesses by mail and e-mail. As a result the marketing campaigns and website views, a total of 133 growers from 9 countries, 24 U.S. states, and 12 Michigan counties registered for the online course that was offered from October 2016 through January 2017. The enrollments for the winter session of the course were 50% greater than expected and allowed for additional revenue to offer a total of seven scholarships to interested participants with financial need.