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Volume 14, Issue 1 - June, 2021

4-H/FFA Turkey Dressing Percentage Calculation Tool
Dallin, J. ; Hadfield, J.A.; Pace, M.; Hadfield, J.L.; Smith, J.; Greenhalgh, L.; Taylor, K.; Larsen, R.; Sulser, A.

Annual Ryegrass Response to Seasonal RyZup Smartgrass® Application
Lemus, R. ; Cox, M; Rivera, J.D.

Assessing The Educational Needs Of New And Beginning Urban Farmers In New Orleans, Louisiana
Coleman, M.A.; Bampasidou, M.; Motsenbocker, C.E.; McKinzie, W.R.

Biochar Effects on Tomato and Melon Productivity and Phytophthora Crown Rot
Murray, M. S.

Determining Master Gardener Volunteer Management Competencies for Extension Agents
Yow, Z. ; Denny, M.D.; Wilson, J.; Downey, L.

Educating Traditional Clientele with Non-Traditional Methods: Virtual Agriculture Production Meetings Engage Producers and Measure COVID-19 Impacts at the Farm Level
Kness, A.A.; Dill, S.P.; Rhodes, J.L.; Crowl, E.N.; Nichols, K.M.; Hirsh, S.M.; Wang, C.; Zobel, E.; Leslie, A.W.; Butler, B.R.; Beale, B.E.; Myers, R.D

Evaluation of Ruminal Net Wrap Accumulation in Cows Fed Ground Hay
Harty, A. ; Olson, K.; Salverson, R.

Incorporating Mental Health CEU’s in Statewide Virtual Pesticide Workshops
Wray, P.; Hadfield, J.A.; Weirda, M.; Howard, T.; Dallin, J.; Ward, C.

Managing Piute Ground Squirrels in Cropland in Southwest Utah
Nelson, M. ; Nicky Frey

Peer Writing Groups as Productivity, Research, and Support Networks for Extension Agents
Brooke, C. T.; Martin, J.M.; Short, R.A.

Peer-Based Working Groups for Teaching Best Management Practices to Beef Producers
Mullenix, M.K.; Jacobs, J.L; Thompson, G.L.; Vining, T.P.; Marks, M.L.; Stanford, M.K.; Miller, D.S.

Performance of Cattle Grazing Stockpiled Tall Fescue as Late Fall Supplemental Forage in the Upper Southern USA
Lemus, R. ; White, J.A.

Preliminary Evaluation of Two Industrial Hemp Cultivars: Suitability for Production, Agronomic Traits, and Performance
Komar, S. J.; William Bamka

Southeast Region Needs Assessment for a Food Safety Regulation and Certification Curriculum for Extension Agents
Laurel L. Dunn; Kevin Burkett; Camila Rodrigues; Kristin Woods

Sugarcane Production School Established for the Louisiana Sugar Industry
Orgeron, A.J.; Cater, M.W.; Gravois, K.A.; Wilson, B.E.; Deliberto, M.A.; Salassi, M.E.

Superweeds on Mars: Theoretical Potentials for Present-day Superweeds to Become the Primary Crops of the Red Planet’s First Colonists
Deever, D.

Sustainable fungicide and nitrogen management to malting barley
Clark, J. ; Duley, C.

SY Wolf Winter Wheat Responses to RyzUp SmartGrass® Application at Third Leaf Stage in East Central Nebraska
Rethwisch, M. D.; Peterson, T. E.

The Impact of Feed Efficiency and Marbling on Calfhood Behavior and Weaning Management
Duggin, J.; Lourenco, J.; Pringle, D; Stewart, L.; Hammond, K. ; Ray, L.

Utilizing "Teaser" Promotions to Gauge Interest in Extension Programs
Mills, R. ; Agenbroad, A.; Ball, S.; Boone, K; Ridout, M.

Washington State AgrAbility: Building a New Extension Program During COVID-19
Mcmoran, D. W.; VanValkenburg, K.; Seymour, K.; Bachtel, S.; Thorstenson, S.