Requirements – must be a “current” dues paid member of State Association and NACAA.  You will not be allowed to log-into the website – if you are not “current”…to apply for a scholarship.  If you are certain that your dues were paid to your state association and were submitted to NACAA…please contact NACAA Executive Director – Scott Hawbaker at to assist with updating your membership status.

Log – in (email address and password).  If you need a password – click on this link – /members/passwd_lookup.php and one will be emailed to you (check your Junk e-mail mailbox – if you have strict spam blockers on your university system).

Go to “Awards” header at the top of the NACAA webpage.

Select  “Scholarships” subhead

The log-in page will most likely appear next - enter your information "tip...just enter you last name and your state...and your name

should appear."  It is possible if you enter your first name...for example as "Steven"...and we have you in the database as "Steve"

it may not show up for you to try the last name without the first.

Select Scholarship Applications

Select Start a New Scholarship Application

You will see highlighted in "red" a notification if you are not eligible to submit for a scholarship application (meaning either

your dues aren't paid....or you have not made the proper contribution to the Educational Foundation.

Fill out the requested information next to each arrow shown on this diagram (position, years in Extension, projected start date

for the proposed scholarship function, budget information, and a description of the function/event/scholarship request.

Once you have completed entering all of the information on this page - at the bottom - select the "Save" to verify

and submit button at the bottom center of the page.

This will take you to the following screen to review and determine if you are completed with the application.

You can select "Edit" this application at the bottom of the screen to go back and make edits.

At the arrow in the diagram below - is the "Submit" button.  Pressing this button will send your application

to the Scholarship Chair within your state.