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Extension Education

Jamie Cohen-Wallace
Farm Outreach Coordinator
Marion County Extension


   Marion County, “Horse Capital of the World”, has 1,000 farms, housing approximately 50,000 horses; it’s also home to first magnitude freshwater springs.  Unfortunately, larger farms in the county are continually parceled into urban housing with quarter to half acre lots. Ironically, individuals moving into these homes tend to be “far removed” from existing natural ecosystems/habitats once found in abundance on the land. The course objectives were to 1. Teach urban homeowners ways to peacefully coexist “with” their environment, 2. Create awareness and understanding about how each can to live together: A Power Point presentation workshop was developed for one of the largest housing associations in the county.  Individuals not residing in the housing were also invited to take the class. It was offered two times in the fall, with approximately 10-13 individuals participating in each of the two courses offered for the first year. Results of the surveys showed one hundred percent (n=23) learned the steps needed to certify their backyard for wildlife and one hundred percent (n=23) learned the steps required to prepare their yards to be more wildlife friendly. One hundred percent (n=23) reported having a better understanding how to make their backyard more “wildlife friendly”, and one hundred per cent (n=23) understood the importance native vegetation.  Results/impacts showed improved awareness regarding peacefully coexisting “with” the environment and how wildlife and urban homeowners can flourish together.  Future classes are planned.




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Authors: J.A. Cohen
  1. Cohen, J. Farm Outreach Coordinator, Marion County Extension, Florida, 34470