Criteria for Awarding Scholarships (for 2023 Award Cycle)

  1. Application must be approved electronically by the State Scholarship Chair or his/her designee before proceeding to the next level for review.
  2. Member vestment will be $100 to qualify for up to $1,500 scholarship and a vestment of $200 (an additional $100 contribution to the scholarship fund) to qualify for an additional scholarship awards from $1,501 to $3,000 (no more than $1,500 in any one year will be awarded). Effective dates for this change will be the 2023 scholarship requests. Each participant must have made this contribution before the end of the previous year's AM/PIC. (Check with your State Scholarship Committee Chair to confirm this prior to submitting an application. (If one person within the group has not contributed $100 by the deadline, it disqualifies the entire group).
  3. Study or training must start within 12 months of the AM/PIC where scholarship is awarded or before the next scheduled AM/PIC. The study or training cannot be initiated before application is approved by the Scholarship Selection Committee and the Trustees of the NACAA Educational Foundation.
  4. Applications will be judged and funded based on completeness, plan for training, how it will be used/ applied post training, and availability of funds.
  5. Award is for individual or group professional improvement which may include advanced degrees, graduate credits, tours, seminars, research or other specialized training.  Scholarship may not be used to attend the NACAA AM/PIC.
  6. Maximum scholarship is $1500 per year, & a total of $3,000 during a member's Extension career. (This amount includes scholarships received as an individual or as part of a group.)
  7. Scholarship funds will not be awarded until 30 days prior to study or training begins. It is the recipient's responsibility to advise the National Scholarship Chair if impending date of educational activity changes.
  8. Report must be made to National Scholarship Chair within 30 days after the training is completed. An Educational Experience Report of 500 to 850 words be submitted by scholarship recipient along with expense documentation that follows the educational objectives set forth by NACAA and the Educational Foundation.  This report may be published in "The County Agent" magazine.
  9. Recipients will be selected by the Scholarship Selection Committee with final approval of the Trustees, NACAA Educational Foundation.
  10. No scholarship will be awarded a person, if as a result of such grant, any member of the Scholarship Selection Committee, National Board of NACAA, or any Trustee of the Foundation shall derive a private benefit, either directly or indirectly.
  11. Selection for Scholarships shall be made on an objective & nondiscriminatory basis, regardless of race, creed, color, gender, or religion of the applicant.
  12. Each applicant must be a NACAA member in good standing with their State Association for the past two years.

Applications must be submitted by June 1. Scholarship Committee State Chair must approve the applications for their state by June 15. Applications must be approved by the Regional Vice Chair by July 1.

FOR GROUP APPLICATIONS - All tour members must meet criteria, including address, home and office phone, contribution of $100 to the NACAA Scholarship Fund by the end of the previous AM/PIC, whether they received a previous scholarship and if so, how much.