Code of Ethics

My professional standards shall note an understanding for our common humanity. My work, ambitions and relations shall always cause me to take into consideration my highest duties as a member of society.

In every position of business life, in every responsibility that comes before me, my chief thought shall be to fill that position and discharge that responsibility to lift the level of human ideals and achievements a little higher than I found it.

I shall:

FIRST: Consider my vocation worthy and as affording me distinct opportunity to serve society.

SECOND: Improve myself, increase my efficiency, and enlarge my service.

THIRD: Remember that I am a professional and want to succeed, but that I am first an ethical person and wish no success that is not founded on the highest justice and morality.

FOURTH: Respect and hold in high esteem science in all its phases and to recognize that Experiment Station and U.S.D.A. findings constitute professional authority in agriculture and to respect the opinion of those who have established themselves as authorities in this branch of science.

FIFTH: Be loyal to our State Universities, the U.S.D.A., our local, state, and national government.

SIXTH: Hold in high esteem the callings of both rural and urban activities.

SEVENTH: Recognize that the development of leadership and the building of communities is the highest service I can render as a County Extension Agent.

EIGHTH: Maintain an open mind, seeking always to understand the viewpoints of others.

NINTH: Not engage in any activity which will interfere with the proper fulfillment of my professional duties and bring discredit to my office.

TENTH: Support and contribute to strengthening my State or Regional and National Association of County Agricultural Agents in their efforts to improve and advance the Extension Service Program for the betterment of our nation.

Updated March, 2007