Dan Kluchinski Memorial Scholarship Award

Dan Kluchinski Memorial Scholarship Award


  • The Dan Kluchinski Memorial Scholarship Award is dedicated to the memory of Dan Kluchinski to encourage Early Career Development. Dan was a Professor at Rutgers University for 29 years with his career progressing from Mercer County Agricultural Agent, to Agriculture and Natural Resources Department Chair and Associate Director of Extension. During his career, he served in many State and National roles with NACAA including State Chair, Regional Vice-Chair, and National Chair of several committees including the Futuring Committee and the Early Career Development Committee. In addition, he served as the Northeast Regional Vice Director (2002-2003) and Director and the National Extension Development Council Chair (2004-2005). Dan was instrumental in the formation of the North East Association of Agricultural Agents (NEACAA) and served as their first president. Dan received the Distinguished Service Award in 2004 and was selected for the Hall of Fame Award in 2018 posthumously.


Award Criteria


  • Two scholarships of $500 will be available each year.
    • One applicant shall be selected from the Northeast region and one from the other regions.
    • If no application is received from the Northeast region then two applicants from the other regions may be selected.
    • If all applicants come from one region, both scholarships may be awarded to that region. 


  • Preference will be given to NACAA educational events (ex. AMPIC and PILD). Other educational event applications will be considered with justification of early career development benefits.


  • Applicants must have 10 years or less Extension service at time of application and must be NACAA members in good standing with their State Association and may receive the award twice.


  • Training must occur within 12 months of award notification.


  • Funds will not be reimbursed for training occurring prior to approval by the NACAA Vice-President and selection committee.


  • The online award application shall include a description of the training event including sponsoring institution, location, dates, and itinerary, justification of the training and how the knowledge gained will be applied (maximum of 500 words), and a budget.


  • Applications will be judged and funded based on completeness, plan for training, how it will be used and applied post training, and availability of funds.


  • Applications must be submitted by March 15 to the NACAA Vice-President.
    • All applications will be judged by a committee appointed by the Vice-President.
    • Recipients will be notified by June 1.


  • Members of the Early Career Development Committee, National Board of NACAA, or any Trustee of the Foundation are not eligible to receive the Dan Kluchinski Memorial Scholarship Award


  • State, Regional and National Chairs for Early Career Committee and Extension Development Council Chairs are not eligible to apply.


  • Dan Kluchinski Memorial Scholarship Award funds will be reimbursed by the NACAA Educational Foundation when submitted with proof of attendance to the NACAA Vice-President within 30 days of the event and must include a 500 to 1000-word educational experience report describing how the experience will improve the participant’s early career development. The report will be published in the County Agent Magazine.


  • Selections shall be made on an objective & nondiscriminatory basis, regardless of race,  color, gender, age, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, disability, or religion of the applicant.
  • The Dan Kluchinski Memorial Scholarship Award shall be presented during an AM-PIC Opening Session or General Session.

Dan Kluchinski Memorial Scholarship Award