Journal of NACAA

Volume 16, Issue 2

ISSN 2158-9429

December 2023

Editor: Linda Chalker-Scott

Assessing Phosphorus Fertilization in Blueberry Production
Rubio, Z. ; Espinoza, N. ; Lessl, J. ; Williams, Z.
Beef x Dairy Crossbreeding Practices and Management of the Resulting Calves on Wisconsin Dairy Farms
Sterry, R.,Akins, M., Borchert, E., Halfman, B., Stuttgen, S., Schlesser, H., Bjurstrom, A., Kohlman, T., Ihde, C., Lippert, M., Marzu, D., Cauffman, A.
Evaluating Targeted Grazing as a Fuels Treatment
Cohen, E., Thacker, PhD, E., Decker, T.
Impact of Interseeding Cover Crop into Silage Corn Grown on Wide Row Spacings
Hines, S., Packham, J., Loomis, G., Thomas, J., Adjesiwor, A.
Pasture weed control with various herbicide treatments and timings - ground or aerial drone applied
Cummings, C., Perkins, C., Maxwell, C., Phillips, T., Morrow, A., Gowin, S., Sutton, P., Spencer, C.
Piloting Beginner Urban Farmer Online Training in Utah
Muntz, H., Hansen, S., Zesiger, C., Ward, R.
Potential Nitrogen Mineralization Variability in Commercial Row Crop Fields
Sharma, A., Prasad, R., Nguyen, A., Bhatta, A., Gamble, A., Worosz, M.
Screening Hemp Cultivars for Cannabinoid Analysis
Deynzer, K., Fontenot, K., Kirk-Ballard, H., Gentimis, T., Lord, N.
Surviving These Drying Times: The Role of a Desert Agricultural Extension Agent
Orr, E., Masson, R., Sanyal, D., Eldin Elshikha, D.
Variety selection and seed management of haygrazer in West Central Texas
Noland, R., Palmer, M., Vahlenkamp, M., McCulloch, M., Muir, J., Cherry, N., Bell, T.