Journal of NACAA

Volume 17, Issue 1

ISSN 2158-9429

June 2024

Editor: Linda Chalker-Scott

Cultivating conservation for Maryland and Delaware’s Historically Underserved farmers
Hirsh, S. ; Dill, S. ; Beale, B. ; Crowl, E. ; Kness, A. ; Leslie, A. ; Little, N. ; Nichols, K. ; Todd, M.
Engaging aquaculture farmers in participatory research
Quintero Fonseca, H. ; Roy, L. ; Pena Morales, M.
Facilitating Digital Agriculture with Simple Databases
Witkowski, N. ; Buckmaster, D. ; Basir, M. ; Sakata, H.
Helpful or Not? – Biostimulant Use in Corn Silage Production
Schott, L. ; Hines, S. ; Packham, J. ; de Haro Marti, M. ; Loomis, G. ; Willmore, C. ; Jamison, J. ; Cosdon, C.
Lessons Learned for the Next Pandemic
Bowie, M. ; Scheyett, A. ; Brown, V.
Native Plant Needs Assessment of Nursery and Landscape Professionals
Errickson, W. ; Waller, T. ; Bakacs, M. ; Cuite, C.
Planning for Successful Bi-State Crop Conference: A Case Example of Red River Crops Conference
Kimura, E., Reagan, L., Strickland, G., Abello, F., Batchelor, B., Bowman, M., Davis, K., Gilliam, J., Henson, A., Rabalais, T., Salmon, H., Smith, M.
Show What You Mean, Mean What You Show
Zwahlen, R. ; Powell, J.