Hall of Fame Award

NACAA Hall of Fame Award


The purpose of the NACAA Hall of Fame Award is to recognize NACAA individuals for demonstrated commitment, dedication and effective leadership in job performance as an outstanding educator, consideration for association involvement at both the state and national level, and outstanding humanitarian service. This award recognizes NACAA members with sustained and distinguished careers.

This award will be presented annually to one person from each of the four NACAA regions. The Vice Chairs of Recognition and Awards from each region will be responsible for collection of applicants from the states. The Program Recognition & Awards Committee reserves the right to reject any applicant if minimum standards are not met.


All current and life members of the National Association of County Agricultural Agents are eligible, except previous winners. The candidate must have previously been awarded the Distinguished Service Award (DSA).


Each state association has the opportunity to nominate one applicant from their state association to be forwarded to the Regional Vice Chair of Recognition & Awards. The nomination process at the state level will be determined by each state but the award deadlines will align with the Achievement Awards (AA) and Distinguished Service Awards (DSA). The state may choose a candidate or an applicant may apply to the State Chair of Recognition & Awards. State Chairs will submit State Winners' applications to Recognition & Awards Regional Vice-Chairs by January 15.

Nominations are to be double spaced, typed essays of not more than 500 words describing the activities listed in the criteria section. Nominations are to be accompanied by a letter from the state president (or vice president if the president is the nominee) verifying the state association's support of the nominee and that the nominee is a member in good standing of both the state and national associations. The nomination packet should contain 2 testimonial letters from clientele who have knowledge of the educational programming efforts. Nomination materials may be submitted electronically, in all or part, to the State Recognition and Awards Chair. A one-page bio-summary must also be completed (see sample bio-summary).

  • 40% Demonstrated commitment, dedication and effective leadership in job performance as an outstanding educator. Quality of Extension Programs includes the scope, innovation and appropriateness of the nominee's program to the identified needs of the people and community within his or her assigned area or state.
  • 30% Association involvement at the State and National level. Involvement includes length of membership, committee assignments, offices held, AM/PIC attendance, and special assignments.
  • 30% Humanitarian activities and leadership outside of normal Extension programming. Humanitarian activities may span any length of time and involve any type of service to one's community beyond the normal call of duty.
    Examples: Volunteerism (Red Cross, civic organizations, hospital, EMT, church, youth organizations, crisis teams, etc.); Leadership (Civic organizations, community action groups, church, schools, crisis teams, boards, etc.); Personal (Acts of heroism, care of foster children or elderly, philanthropy, etc.)

A cash award of up to is $1000. The winners must register for the NACAA Annual Meeting and Professional Improvement Conference and attend the Awards Banquet and Donor Reception to receive their award.

  • One winner from each region will be recognized at the Annual Banquet.
  • Winners are expected to attend the Donor Reception.
  • All state winner applications received by the established deadline will be reviewed and judged by the NACAA Regional Directors.

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