State Officer's Handbook

This handbook is updated annually under the direction of the NACAA officers and directors. Its purpose is to provide a handy reference guide of material available from and general policy statements of NACAA.

The NACAA State officers Handbook is designed to provide members details that are not spelled out in the NACAA Policy Handbook. Hopefully, this information will be helpful to the states as they conduct activities of their associations in the years ahead. It is through active and strong state associations that NACAA can continue to prosper and be of more benefit to individual members.

It should be noted that the NACAA State Officers Handbook is a guide and NOT NACAA Policy. In all cases, state officers should review the applicable chapters in NACAA Policy as the NACAA Policy Manual shall supersede the State Officers Handbook. Note: Handbook reformatted for the web in December, 2010

All state presidents, secretaries, national officers, directors and the NACAA Association Policy Committee are encouraged to review this document posted on the NACAA website.

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