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Biologics Educational Webinar Series

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Zheng Wang
Vegetable Crops Farm Advisor
University of California Cooperative Extension

Team Members: Wang, Z*1
  1. Vegetable Crops Farm Advisor, University of California Cooperative Extension, Modesto, California, 95358


For extension professionals, the year of 2020 changed the way of delivering knowledge to agricultural clienteles. Online educational webinar becomes a major channel to capture farmers’ needs, provide feedback, refresh knowledge, and share experience. In contrast to in-person events, the online/virtual webinars provide an easier access to participants especially those who need drive a long distance. Under this circumstance, I hosted the Biologics Educational Webinar Series in November and December 2020. This webinar series invited four speakers from UC Davis, UC Cooperative Extension, and California Department of Food and Agriculture. The goal of the event was to deepen and refresh the understanding of different stakeholder groups on crop biologics (e.g., crop biostimulants and growth regulators) and minimize their guess work when using the biologics.


The major promotional method to advertise the event was the flyer. I coordinated with my colleagues and collaborators by sending the flyer via Farm Advisors’ newsletters, different email lists, and social media accounts (Twitter). The four webinars totally attracted over 400 attendees covering extension agents, Certified Crop Advisors, Pest Control Advisors, university scientists, graduate students, vegetable growers and producers, biologics industry, and organization leaders. Besides 90% of attendees registered from California, there were participants from 4 U.S. states (PA, FL, IN, and OH) and 16 countries in Asia, Europe, and North/South America. Certified Crop Advisors and Pest Control Advisors who attended all webinars received 3.0 CCA and 1.0 PCA Continuing Education Credits. In addition, at the end of each webinar, the attendee was asked to fill out a survey to rate the program and share their understanding specifically on crop biostimulant. The survey results were summarized into an article which will be published in the Progressive Crop Consultants.          

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