Agricultural Awareness & Appreciation Award Information


To recognize NACAA members or team of members for outstanding use of Public Relations in Daily Efforts that improve the understanding of agriculture in their communities.


All entrants must be members of both their State and National Associations of County Agricultural Agents. Regarding Team entries, only the lead applicant of the team must be a member of the State and National Association. Public Relations efforts submitted for judging must have been conducted between January 1 of the year before the award presentation and March 15 of the year of the award presentation. Previous regional winners are ineligible for a period of one year. State Public Relations Committee Chairs are eligible but must follow established guidelines.


Each entry should follow the outline listed in the entry criteria section found below. The report should be typewritten and of sufficient length to cover each section of the entry criteria as outlined. Please title each section of your report according to the entry criteria. Along with each entry, submit an abstract of 150-350 words based on the entry criteria found below. There is not a separate category for team entries.

Complete the on-line application process found at No hard copy applications will be accepted. All submissions must be completed by March 15.

Entry Criteria

Complete the on-line general application form and send it with the following support materials.

County Situation (10 points possible). Describe your county situation; total acreage, farmed acreage, agricultural income, major crops and livestock, total population and farm vs. non-farm shares of total population; economic importance of agriculture, agribusiness and other industries, and community attitudes toward agriculture and public relations opportunities.

Public Relations Objective (30 points possible). Explain how and by whom objectives were established. List Public Relations objectives. They should be pertinent, realistic, specific, measurable and aimed directly at achieving a better understanding of agriculture in your community. Explain the relationship of your objectives to the situation in your county.

Program Execution (30 points). Describe your Public Relations activities; what was done; your role and contributions; actions and responsibilities of others. Explain how activities related to objectives.

Results and Evaluation (30 points possible). Explain your results and how they relate to objectives. List number of persons reached personally through media, etc. Describe effects on attitudes toward agriculture.

Recognition and Awards

If adequate donor funds are secured, the National Winner will receive up to $500; three National Finalists up to $250; and state winners up to $50. These cash awards are not cumulative. The Executive Program Committee reserves the right to adjust awards based on the availability of donor funds.

The National Winner will present his/her program during the NACAA AM/PIC. Length of presentation should be 15 minutes maximum. Consult AM/PIC Program for time and location.

In addition, the national winner and finalist will be asked to prepare a poster in support of their entries for display at the NACAA annual meeting. See poster preparation guidelines.

In the event of a team winning entry, one cash prize will be given in the amount indicated along with an appropriate certificate/plaque will be given only to NACAA members of the team.

All entries will be judged with a designated number of abstracts selected for publication in the AM/PIC Proceedings.


Entry must be in possession of your Public Relations Committee State Chair by March 15.

State Chairs should send the state winning entry to their region vice-chair by April 1. Regional vice-chairs must send the top three regional finalists to the National Chair by April 15.