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Gulf Coast Cattlemen's Conference

Extension Education

Kelly Palmer


Over the past several years cattle producers in Southwest Alabama began expressing a need for a large conference that specifically focused on beef cattle production in our region of the state. To address these needs, agents created an advisory group that consisted of influential and respected producers from throughout the region. This group included local Cattlemen’s Association directors, Farmers Federation members, feed store managers, and research station directors. Out of this meeting, the Gulf Coast Cattlemen’s Conference was born. The topics were suggested and ultimately chosen by the advisory group based on local producer needs. The best, nationally known, speakers were invited to come and speak about the chosen topics. The conference also included a full trade show with multiple levels of sponsorship available. A total of 12 sponsors/vendors participated in the event, contributing sponsorship dollars that covered all costs associated with the conference. The 1st Annual Gulf Coast Cattlemen’s Conference was held in Atmore, Alabama on August 12th, 2022. A total of 167 producers from throughout South Alabama, Northwest Florida and Southeast Mississippi were in attendance. In addition, 25 sponsors, Extension personnel, governmental employees, and Auburn University graduate students were in attendance. This represented a total impact of 36,583 acres and 12,852 head of cattle. Additionally, 99% of attendees said that they increased their knowledge, and 98% plan to implement this knowledge in the next 12 months.

Overall, producers were very excited and supportive of this event. Utilizing a small and influential advisory group helped garner local support and awareness of the conference, ultimately making it successful. After the 2022 conference, the advisory group met again to discuss impacts and any changes that could be made to improve the conference. The program advisory team also discussed plans and topics for the next year’s conference. With this model, we hope to continue talking about and planning the Gulf Coast Cattlemen’s Conference for years to come. The Gulf Coast Cattlemen’s Conference has initiated new and improved upon existing invaluable relationships with local leaders and producers, further expanding Extension’s impacts in our area.

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Authors: Kelly Palmer, Ken Kelley, Anthony Wiggins
  1. Palmer, K. REGIONAL EXTENSION AGENT - ANIMAL SCIENCE/FORAGES, Alabama Cooperative Extension System, Alabama, 36426
  2. Kelley, K. Regional Extension Agent, Alabama Cooperative Extension System, Alabama, 36426
  3. Wiggins, A. County Extension Coordinator, Alabama Cooperative Extension System, Alabama, 36460