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Extension Education

Hallie Williams
Agriculture and Natural Resources Extension Educator
The Ohio State University


The main objective for the Exploring AG Extension Program in Seneca County was to help youth understand the careers available to them based in agriculture in their community. Our region has numerous exceptional agricultural businesses that have difficulty filling many skilled and high paying jobs and thus creates a need for youth agricultural career development.  To accomplish this we assembled a board of agricultural professionals utilize professional connections to develop a series of monthly meetings and tours of these agricultural businesses throughout the region and worked with Exploring Professionals to recruit high school students. In our inaugural year, 7 in person meetings were held with an average of 8 students per meeting. At the completion of the years program, students said that they increased “awareness of careers available in agriculture” and indicated that they “had a greater likelihood of pursuing a career close to home” than before they participated in the program. Seeing that this is a common need in many rural communities across the country, we feel that this program can easily be replicated and customized by other extension programs.

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Authors: H. Williams, K. Cole
  1. Williams, H. Agriculture and Natural Resources Extension Educator, The Ohio State University, Ohio, 44883
  2. Cole, K. 4-H Educator, The Ohio State University, Ohio, 44883