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Evaluation of Fertility Inputs and Urease Inhibitors on Warm Season Forage Yield

Extension Education

Jeffrey Works


Recent increases in fertility inputs have led producers to question extension recommendations and reduce fertilizer applications. This practice has led to yield reductions in their hay fields. The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of extension recommended rates of fertilizer and urease inhibitors on forage yield.

The study was conducted at one location in Northeast, Arkansas in Harrisburg in a commercial hay production field.  Plot size was 10’ X 35’. Plot layout was 4 treatments of 1 replication. Soil samples were taken before first fertility application. Ph was 6.4 and considered to not be a limiting factor. University of Arkansas fertility recommendations were followed in all plots. Phosphorous was applied in total in the first application, whereas Potash was split into four equal parts with the nitrogen application. Fertilizer applications were made at 30-day intervals in May, June, July, August following the harvest of the plots, and the October harvest simulated the amount of forage that would be stockpiled. Stand density and height measurements were taken before each harvest. The center 3’ by 35’ of the plot was harvested, weighed, and a sample taken and calculated for dry matter.

Results of this study were evaluated by growth and dry matter per acre. The effect of different fertility regimes on warm season forage yield will be presented in this poster.

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Authors: Jeffrey Works, Craig Allen, Kenny Simon
  1. Works, J. CEA - Agriculture, University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture , Arkansas, 72432
  2. Allen, C. CEA - Staff Chair, University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture , Arkansas, 72432
  3. Simon, K. Instructor - Forages, University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture, Arkansas, 72204