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Applied Research

Jenna Martin
Forrest City


As temperatures transition from a warm summer to a cool fall/winter, warm-season forage growth slows, and cool-season forage growth increases. This transition period can result in gaps of inadequate forage grazing seasons. Planting winter annuals late in the summer as warm season growth slows can provide ample forage to help fill these gaps in the grazing period. This study was conducted to determine the optimum nitrogen (N) application rate for forage biomass production in late summer planted jerry oats. Jerry oats were planted on September 12, 2023, at 100 lb. seed/acre using a Great Plains 606 No-till drill. Nitrogen treatments were applied by hand spreading Urea (46-0-0) at planting at rates of 30, 60, 90, 120, and 150 lb. N/acre, along with a no N control to monitor response to N fertilization. To prevent yield limitations and monitor N nutrient impact only, 120 lb. P2O5/acre and 150 lb. K2O/acre were also applied at planting. Plots were harvested on December 5, 2023, at a 4-inch harvest height by mowing and collecting the biomass. Forage biomass was weighed, and sub-samples were collected for moisture and nutritive value analysis. Application of N resulted in increased forage biomass production of late summer planted jerry oats compared to the control. Unfortunately, this data represents a single year which had an extended dry period following the fertilizer application that reduced the response to applied N.

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Authors: Sarah Stone, Jenna Martin, Bronc Finch, Kenny Simon, Donald Kennedy
  1. Stone, S. County Extension Agent, U of A Division Of Agriculture, Arkansas, 72335
  2. Martin, J. County Extension Agent, U of A Division of Agriculture, Arkansas, 72396
  3. Finch, B. Soils Extension Specialist, U of A Division of Agriculture, Arkansas, 72204
  4. Simon, K. Instructor - Animal Science, U of A Division of Agriculture, Arkansas, 72204
  5. Kennedy, D. Associate Dean - Professor of Animal Science, Arkansas State University, Arkansas, 72401