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Can You Hear Me Now? Understanding Hearing Loss and Prevention Strategies for Farmers and Ranchers

Extension Education

Angie Johnson
NDSU Extension Farm & Ranch Safety Coordinator
North Dakota State University


Farmers, ranchers and others in agriculture work daily in noisy environments. From the engine of a tractor to squealing hogs in a swine barn, sound levels on the farm present a serious danger to one’s hearing. A U.S. study by the National Safety Council revealed that 92% of the farmers who participated were exposed to extreme noise levels while carrying out daily tasks. Of those participants, 78% reported suffering from hearing loss. Prevention of hearing loss has emerged as a key issue in avoiding the risks to health and safety that exist due to hearing concerns. Staff in NDSU Extension and the NDSU School of Nursing partnered to develop educational resources and outreach approaches to address the issue of hearing loss in agricultural populations.

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Authors: Angie Johnson, Jane Strommen, Andrea Johnson
  1. Johnson, A. NDSU Extension Farm & Ranch Safety Coordinator, , North Dakota, 58108-6050
  2. Strommen, J. Gerontology Specialist, NDSU Extension, North Dakota, 58108
  3. Johnson, A. Nurse Practitioner Student, NDSU School of Nursing, North Dakota, 58108