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Applied Research

Kenneth Sharpe
County Agent
LSU AgCenter


    Smutgrass (Sporobolus indicus) is a perennial warm-season weed species that infests bermudagrass (Cynodon dactylon) and bahaigrass (Paspalum notatum) pastures in south Louisiana. Selective herbicide options for control of smutgrass in perennial warm-season pastures are limited. The objective of this study was to evaluate four herbicide treatments for contol of smutgrass and amount of injury incurred by the perennial warm-season forage grasses present. Herbicide treatments included Velpar applied at either 3 or 4 pints/acre, and glyphosate applied at either 1 or 1.5 pints/acre. The herbicides were applied at six different locations across south Louisiana. Herbicide applications were made in either June or August of 2013. Visual smutgrass control and grass injury ratings were taken about 30 days after treatment (DAT) and final ratings were takin in either October or November. At the first rating date (30 DAT), the best smutgrass control (79 to 88%) was provided by the two Velpar herbicide treatments. The glyphosate treatments provided poorer smutgrass control and caused more injury to the warm season forage grasses. At the final rating date in the fall, the Velpar treatments of 3 and 4 pints/acre provided smutgrass control of 80 and 88% respectively. Both glyphosate treatments provided smutgrass control of less than 50% and injury to the forage grasses was significantly higher for the glyphosate treatments than for the Velpar treatments. Results suggest that producers should use Velpar herbicide for smutgrass control in perennieal warm-seaon pastures as it provided excellent control without causing significant injury to the forage grasses.


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Authors: K. Sharpe, E. Twidwell, R. Strahan, A. Orgeron, L. Keating, S. Dutile
  1. Sharpe, K. COUNTY AGENT, LSU AGCENTER, Louisiana, 70754
  2. Twidwell, E. EXTENSION SPECIALIST, LSU AGCENTER, Louisiana, 70803
  3. Strahan, R. EXTENSION SPECIALIST, LSU AGCENTER, Louisiana, 70803
  4. Orgeron, A. EXTENSION AGENT, LSU AGCENTER, Louisiana, 70737
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