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Extension Education

Suzanne Mills-Wasniak
Extension Educator
Ohio State University Extension


In July 2013, The Victory Project, a non-profit mentoring program for at-risk youth, assumed responsibility for the management of the High Tunnel Project.  Located on the parking lot of a demolished elementary school, the High Tunnel Project is a partnership between the City of Dayton and Ohio State University Extension.  The sixteen youth enthusiastically accepted the challenge.  A non-profit focusing on Education, Entrepreneurship, and Enlightenment, the Victory Project was a perfect complement to the project goals.  As the produce grew and developed the youth saw an analogy to their lives, if you nurture and care for yourself, you grow and develop.  A new venture for the youth was to establish a market for their produce.  A locally owned nearby restaurant was willing to buy if the quality and quantity of produce was acceptable and  priced appropriately.  Over 1000 pounds of produce was sold to the restaurant with the reminder donated to food pantries or consumed by the youth.  The learning experience included a lesson that just because the grower (youth) likes the vegetable or fruit doesn’t mean the market will purchase it, or that it will make it to market.  The 2014 expansion of the project afforded the opportunity for Extension Educators and Specialists to mentor and educate the youth on developing business, site, production, and marketing plans.  The vision, mission, and goals of the project focused on developing sustainable educational opportunities for the youth and community, while increasing food production using technology suitable to this unique production site.


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Authors: S.A. Mills-Wasniak, B. Bergefurd, L.A. Nye
  1. Mills-Wasniak, S. Extension Educator, Ohio State University Extension, Ohio, 45409
  2. Bergefurd, B. Extension Educator, Ohio State University Extension, Ohio, 45661
  3. Nye, L. Extension Educator, Ohio State University Extension, Ohio, 45177