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Extension Education

Ashley Hoppers
Agriculture and Natural Resources Agent
University of Georgia Extension
Blue Ridge


   During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, food security became a concern, and homeowners began looking at their backyards as venues for food production. To reach the public when face-to-face programming was not an option, the agent coordinated the Backyard Fruits Webinar Series, a 4-week online program covering various small fruits and tree fruits that can be grown across the Southeastern United States. The Program launched on May 13 and ran twice a week through June 5, 2020. Each session featured different fruits and involved speakers from UGA Extension, LSU Extension, NC State Extension, UT Extension, and Auburn University. Over the course of the program, 2,152 client contacts were made, 28 states were reached, and attendance ranged from 85 to 74 percent of those who registered, approximately 269 participants per session. During the pandemic, teachers were seeking opportunities to acquire professional development hours, thus 43 Certificates of Completion were furnished to teachers who attended all eight sessions – a total of eight hours of online learning. Each session was recorded and uploaded to the UGA Extension YouTube Channel. As of November 2020, the videos have been viewed 1,528 times. Regarding satisfaction of the program’s overall management and deliver, 100% of the program participants reported that they were satisfied. When asked about remote delivery versus an in-person format, 84% of participants cited the online learning option as preferred over in-person. Additionally, 100% of the participants who attended all 8 sessions of the program reported they gained a better understanding of the major factors that impact successful backyard fruit production, and planned on using the information presented.

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Authors: A.A. Hoppers, A.K. Brantley, J. Fuder, R. Holland, J.D. Spiers, M. Polozola, M. Parker, D. Lockwood
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