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Extension Education

Bridgette Brannon
Regional Extension Agent - Food Safety & Quality
Alabama Cooperative Extension System


The one-day standardized PSA Grower Training has received mixed reviews from small-scale growers who would like additional support and technical assistance implementing Produce Safety Rule (PSR) requirements. The 2019 North Central Region Center for FSMA Training, Extension, and Technical Assistance report shows that special populations of growers (minority, plain cloths, and limited English proficiency) generally score lower on the standardized pre-test and show less improvement than growers who do not identify with a special population when confronted with the traditional lecture based PSA Grower Training (Bhullar et al, 2019). Training that incorporates simulation, demonstration, discussion, peer-to-peer, and experiential learning is likely to better meet the cultural needs of the given audience and is consistent with the USDA Guide: Best Practices for Better Serving Socially Disadvantaged and Limited Resource Beginning Farmers and Ranchers.

Several two-day PSA Grower Training Courses that incorporated experiential learning and other interactive elements have been conducted across the southern region. Growers who attended these courses report a high level of enjoyment and engagement. Analysis of the PSA evaluations shows that growers attending these courses believe they have improved their knowledge and have greater confidence implementing food safety practices.

Incorporating hands-on activities into PSA Grower Training increases engagement and it is theorized that the increased engagement offered by the interactive course elements will lead to greater long-term learning outcomes and improved on farm food safety practices.

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Authors: K. Woods, B. Brannon
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