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Extension Education

Amy Jo Detweiler


In 2020,  I had over thirty in-person community education classes scheduled to be presented by staff and Master Gardener volunteers though my local community horticulture program. Restrictions for in- person learning due to COVID-19, combined with skyrocketing interest in backyard gardening, required us to pivot and investigate ways to offer remote learning opportunities. Simultaneously, there was the need to continue training Master Gardener volunteers remotely. This lead to Oregon State University staff developing a series of online courses covering a variety of advanced skill topics for volunteers statewide. I decided to use high quality videos to address the needs for both community horticulture and for training volunteers. More specifically I wanted to maximize the use of videos as a teaching tool. I developed a Master Gardener course on using a new web-based tool (ECCO), using video lectures. In an effort to make the course delivery more lively and engaging, I learned how to use video editing software called Camtasia and produced ten short video lectures. Camtasia can be used as an Add-in with PowerPoint presentations or alone, and allows the user to incorporate premier audio and video effects to enhance and focus the learner.  A survey of volunteers completing the ECCO course, in part by watching videos, shows that 98% of respondents (n=45) reported an increase in confidence level in successfully using the new web-based tool.  Additionally, I have used this software to produce a remote garden tour event (320 views on YouTube) and “how to” videos that have been placed on YouTube and Facebook.  Verbal feedback from Master Gardener volunteers and community members suggests the use of video, and in particular video enhancement in remote learning, as an effective way to learn. Positive feedback for using videos suggest continued use of this editing software for this type of online program delivery going forward. Additionally, after reviewing some of the work I delivered, a colleague purchased the same video editing software for use in her own future projects. 

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Authors: A. Detweiler
  1. Detweiler, A. Professor and Extension Horticulturist, Oregon State University, Oregon, 97756