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Extension Education

Donna Coffin
UMaine Extension


With the goal of “significantly increasing the amount of meat that is produced, processed, distributed, and sold in Maine, and simultaneously increase wealth among those involved in Maine’s meat industry,” the University of Maine Cooperative Extension and the Maine Sustainable Agriculture Society initiated a project to try to improve opportunities for everyone involved in Maine’s meat industry. The More Maine Meat project has a wide array of activities, including implementing a survey of producers to better understand the needs and opportunities within the industry and to help establish and implement an appropriate plan of action. The survey was initially distributed to a total of 3286 (1582 surface, 1704 electronic) beef, dairy, sheep, goat, grass farmers, and general farming mailing lists.  About 35% of the electronic surveys were opened and assuming an equal number of surface mailed surveys were opened about 1,150 producers learned of the survey. Initially 170 producers completed the survey that offered one of four $50 prizes. The survey was kept open and re-advertised at various livestock meetings. Initial results showed the three primary barriers to increasing herds or flocks were feed costs, capital and processor availability, followed by labor and handling facilities. Most producers currently use USDA inspected facilities and sell frozen cuts followed by on-the-hoof and frozen sides. About 44% are willing to consider selling to a processor or aggregator under their brand. Three-quarters would sell more whole carcasses if there were a market. Forty percent would like to buy feeders in spring.


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Authors: D. Coffin, R. Kersbergen
  1. Coffin, D. EXTENSION EDUCATOR, UMaine Extension, Maine, 04426
  2. Kersbergen, R. Extension Educator, UMaine Extension, Maine, 04915