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Eggsploring Science: 4-H Embryology Program Igniting Learning in Schools

Extension Education

Ashley Stonecipher
Agriculture and Food Systems Agent
UF/IFAS Extension
Winter Springs


Seventy-eight percent of Volusia County Public Schools carry Title I status, a reflection of the high number of students facing economic challenges. This socioeconomic backdrop magnifies the urgency of addressing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education disparities, which pose a substantial threat to the nation's capacity to bridge education and poverty divides. In response to these challenges, a school-based embryology program has been devised to actively nurture scientific curiosity and instill an understanding of life sciences among students. The objective is to immerse youth in 5 local schools per semester in the journey of embryonic development, fostering a hands-on and captivating learning experience. This initiative addresses the immediate needs of STEM education. 4-H and Agriculture agents plan to provide teacher training, classroom kits and curriculum to teachers. The program will consist of 5 teachers in the Volusia County schools for each of the spring and fall semesters. Extension provides an educational google site with resources for the project. Lessons will be from Eggcellent Adventures in classroom Embryology. The program started this spring semester and had its first 5 pilot schools, a total of 10 adults and 120 youth, currently going through the program.  As the program ends at each school, the teachers will be provided guidance on applying for classroom grants from outside organizations to secure their own embryology supplies for future use along with a 4-H curriculum. The 4-H embryology program stands out as a forward-thinking and successful approach to motivate a new cohort of students with scientific literacy. By combining theoretical knowledge with hands-on experiences, the initiative creates a dynamic learning environment that not only enriches the curriculum but also instills a lifelong appreciation for the wonders of life sciences.

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Authors: Ashley Stonecipher, Chelsea Woodard
  1. Stonecipher, A. Agriculture and Food Systems Agent, University of Florida/ IFAS Extension, Florida, 32724
  2. Woodard, C. 4-H Youth Development Agent, University of Florida/IFAS Extension, Florida, 32724