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Extension Education

Julie Mcconnell
Extension Agent
UF/IFAS Extension Bay County
Panama City


There is a growing trend towards edible gardens and supplementing produce with fruits and vegetables from the home garden.  Consumers have increased spending by an average of 14% for food gardening products from 2008 through 2012 (National Garden Association, 2013, p. 12).  This data coupled with good attendance at local vegetable gardening classes initiated development of a more in-depth vegetable gardening series.  Series was designed to teach recommended vegetable gardening methods to residents of North Florida.  Team members worked with IFAS Communications to create a colorful flyer and multi-media template that all instructors used to create a professional and unified program.  Topics covered included proper planning, soil preparation, recommended cultivars, transplanting seedlings, common pests, management practices, troubleshooting nutritional problems, and harvesting.  All speakers were transmitted through Blue Jeans, a cloud-based video service that also allowed for program recordings which were later available through YouTube.  Written evaluations were given to participants at the end of the series to measure knowledge gained with follow up evaluations planned for 6 months post program.  A total of 306 people attended the program.  Evaluations indicated that participants gained knowledge in the following topic areas: 83% (161) garden expectations, 85% (164) site selection, 84% (163) recommended varieties, 85% (164) seeding methods, 89% (173) maintenance, 90% (175) Integrated Pest Management, 84% (163) harvesting.  A majority of participants (86%) indicated a plan to change behavior related to vegetable gardening and 83% learned information they plan to share with others.  


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