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Daniel "Danny" Miller


Mud Creek flows through a primarily rural watershed into Spring Creek, a major tributary of Weiss Lake in the Coosa River Basin.  The watershed is located in Cherokee County, in the northeast corner of Alabama.  Elevated pathogen levels resulted in the inclusion of Mud Creek the 2004-2010 303d list.  A Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) was developed to address E. coli loading by nonpoint sources of pollution.  A Section 319 grant was also awarded to implement a Mud Creek and Spring Creek watershed plan.  The Alabama Cooperative Extension System (ACES) has been integral in the implementation of education and demonstration projects for this watershed plan.  Target audiences for the reduction of nonpoint sources of pathogens include cattlemen, row crop farmers, forestry professionals, homeowners with septic tanks and youth.  ACES specialists and agents have provided guidance for landowner education, recommendations for best management practice implementation, and leadership for watershed stewardship.  Examples of successful activities that have been implemented include the popular ‘Get Pumped’ septic tank education and voucher workshops, water festival for 4th graders in Cherokee County, Alabama Smart Yards Program, Rain Barrel Workshops, Environmental Stewardship Clinics, and Water Quality Sampling.  Both Spring and Mud Creek have been delisted for pathogens.


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Authors: D.S. Miller, E.F. Brantley, M.K. Stanford, M.L. Marks
  1. Miller, D. County Extension Coordinator, ALABAMA COOPERATIVE EXTENSION SYSTEM, Alabama, 35960
  2. Brantley, E. Extension Specialist & Assistant Professor, ALABAMA COOPERATIVE EXTENSION SYSTEM, Alabama, 36849
  3. Stanford, M. Extension Specialist, ALABAMA COOPERATIVE EXTENSION SYSTEM, Alabama, 35962
  4. Marks, M. Regional Extension Agent, ALABAMA COOPERATIVE EXTENSION SYSTEM, Alabama, 35960