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Extension Education

Mary Salinas
Residential Horticulture Agent


Extension Agents established a cooperative effort with state agencies, local governments, homeowners and local nurseries to prevent the establishment and spread of citrus canker, a devastating bacterial disease, that had not previously been seen in the Florida panhandle. Awareness and education were accomplished and are ongoing through an initial published news story with a circulation of 2,932 which was picked up by at least 20 news organizations with a combined circulation of an estimated 100,000; one television story with a viewership of an estimated 115,000; an estimated 150 personal communications, two community meetings with attendance of 54 people; two homeowners’ association newsletters reaching 1400 homeowners; and training of 72 Florida Master Gardeners and proprietors of three local nurseries. State and university agencies provide scientific information, tree inspections and diagnostic testing. Extension agents are at the center, bringing all parties together and keeping them current on information, ideas, and events. The publicity resulted in 62 site visits in three counties to inspect for canker. Citrus trees on 15 properties were positive for canker and all were found to be situated in an area 2.6 miles wide, small enough to make eradication of the disease possible. Action by the Extension Agents in awareness, education, and bringing many parties together, are making it possible to isolate and manage citrus canker in order to save dooryard and emerging commercial citrus in the Florida panhandle.



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Authors: M.L. Derrick, B.R. Thaxton
  1. Derrick, M. Residential Horticulture Agent, UF/IFAS, Florida, 32570
  2. Thaxton, B. Commercial Horticulture Agent, UF/IFAS, Florida, 32570