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Applied Research

Brian Cresswell
County Extension Coordinator
University of Georgia


Peanut fungicides are the 2nd highest input a peanut producer has. Diseases are often times the most limiting factor on peanut yield in Early County and fungicides are constantly being evaluated with on-farm research for their efficacy on peanut diseases. Prothioconazole (Proline) is one of the products claiming to offer the producer the added benefit of better disease control and a higher return on investment. Multiyear studies have been conducted on Prothioconazole both in-furrow and early post emergence. In-furrow applications were used to evaluate Prothioconazole’s activity on Cylindrocladium Black Rot (CBR) and the early post emergence applications its efficacy on general disease control. Two on farm replicated trials have been conducted on in-furrow applications of Prothioconazole. In both trials the addition of Prothioconazole gave an increase in yield with or without the presence of CBR. It also lowered the incidence of CBR. A yield increase of 268 pounds per acre was achieved in the presence of CBR and 403 pounds in its absence. In the early post emergence trials, Prothioconazole was applied at 28 days after planting followed by a 4 block Provost program. In the three trials, Prothioconazole was the highest yielding program with an average yield increase of 733 pounds per acre. Other data collected from these trials include the incidence of White mold, Rhizoctonia, and CBR. Prothioconazole has also shown on average a return on investment of $101.00 per acre. These on farm research trials give producers valuable information they can use to make informed decesions.


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Authors: B.L. Cresswell Sr., R.C. Kemerait Jr.
  1. Cresswell Sr., B. County Extension Coordinator, University of Georgia, Georgia, 39823
  2. Kemerait Jr., R. UGA Plant Pathologist, University of Georgia, Georgia, 31793