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Fungicide Options for QoI-resistant Aerial Blight in Soybean

Applied Research

Trey Price
Associate Professor - Field Crop Pathology
LSU AgCenter


Aerial blight is a major fungal soybean disease in Louisiana, and the same pathogen causes sheath blight in rice.  Rice and soybean are very often grown in rotation, and the pathogen (Rhizoctonia solani) survives for years in the soil which makes disease management difficult.  To confound management, strobilurin (QoI) fungicides have limited efficacy in many areas of Louisiana.  Since strobilurin resistance has not yet occurred on research stations in Louisiana, our team looked to Louisiana farmers’ fields for answers.  Multiple, small plot replicated fungicide efficacy trials evaluating experimental and commercial products were conducted at multiple locations in southwest Louisiana (Acadia and Calcasieu Parishes) and research stations over the course of seven growing seasons.  Strobilurin fungicides were not effective on aerial blight in any on-farm trial over the six-year period.  Six commercially available fungicides containing succinate dehydrogenase (SDHI) materials were identified that significantly (based on ANOVA and Tukey post hoc at P=0.10) reduced aerial blight severity and preserved yields compared to the non-treated control.  Fungicides containing SDHI materials consistently resulted in less aerial blight severity and preserved yields over the seven year period when compared to strobilurin products.  In the short term, SDHI active ingredients should be considered for aerial blight management in strobilurin-resistant areas.  Although currently useful, fungicides with very specific mode-of-actions such as SDHIs historically have been short-lived in their usefulness, and pathogen populations will eventually develop resistance.  Future research should focus on experimental fungicides, resistance mitigation, fungicide use patterns, and identification/development of resistant varieties resistant to aerial blight.

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Authors: Trey Price, Boyd Padgett, Myra Purvis, Dustin Ezell, Dustin Harrell, James Leonards, Fred Collins, Laura Lee, Jeremy Hebert, Jimmy Meaux
  1. Price, T. Associate Professor - Field Crop Pathology, LSU AgCenter, Louisiana, 71295
  2. Padgett, B. Professor, LSU AgCenter, Louisiana, 71302
  3. Purvis, M. Research Associate, LSU AgCenter, Louisiana, 71295
  4. Ezell, D. Research Associate, LSU AgCenter, Louisiana, 71295
  5. Harrell, D. Professor, LSU AgCenter, Louisiana, 70578
  6. Leonards, J. Research Associate, LSU AgCenter, Louisiana, 70578
  7. Collins, F. Research Associate, LSU AgCenter, Louisiana, 71302
  8. Lee, L. Research Associate, LSU AgCenter, Louisiana, 71302
  9. Hebert, J. Extension Agent, LSU AgCenter, Louisiana, 70526
  10. Meaux, J. Extension Agent, LSU AgCenter, Louisiana, 70607