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Extension Education

Summer Waters
Assistant Agent
The University of Arizona


Although agricultural production was once expected to significantly decline in central Arizona due to widespread urbanization, it remains economically relevant. In addition, agricultural water demand continues to comprise nearly half of the overall demand in Maricopa County, the most populated county in Arizona. While municipal water demand exceeds agricultural water demand in Maricopa County, many agricultural producers are faced with the prospect of absorbing a majority of the predicted drought shortages on the Colorado River because of a unique agreement with the Central Arizona Project (CAP), which delivers Colorado River water to central Arizona. Through a project entitled “Risk Perception, Institutions, and Water Conservation: Enhancing Agricultural Adaptation to Future Water Scarcity in Central Arizona”, researchers analyzed  how agricultural water users are dealing with drought and an uncertain future that includes increasing projected population growth and a reduction of water supplies due to drought. In 2012, University of Arizona Cooperative Extension, Maricopa County collaborated with researchers from Arizona State University’s Global Institute of Sustainability under a grant from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to survey over 200 farmers in Maricopa and Pinal Counties. Farmers were asked about their perceptions of drought, water supply, climate, and how policymakers react to climate information. A total of 52 surveys were returned. The results provide insights into farmers’ concern over water supply uncertainties and interest in learning more about climate related impacts on water availability.


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Authors: S. Waters
  1. Waters, S. Assistant Agent, The University of Arizona, Arizona, 85040