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Washington State AgrAbility Project:  Rebuilding an Extension Program  

Extension Education

Don McMoran
Agriculture and Natural Resources Extension Faculty- Director
Washington State University


Affiliated with the National AgrAbility Project, the USDA-funded Washington State AgrAbility Project (WSAP)?has served farmers, ranchers, and agricultural workers?throughout the state?inhibited by injury, illness, or disability since 2019. The program helps ease the return to work?and?daily living activities?and reduce the rate of secondary injury. Educating and getting sign ups for the program during a pandemic proved difficult, requiring the switch from in person to mostly online outreach. In early 2020 WSAP was developing assistive technology (AT) lending library kits while delivering in-person trainings and demonstrations.  However, with an elevated focus on behavioral health and excessive stress brought on by the pandemic, farmers and stakeholders were eager for behavioral health messaging which then opened the door for WSAP to present to more audiences. The task at hand sent several WSAP staff searching for new careers (Farming, Ag Education, Marketing and Electric bus sales) and allowed an opportunity to redesign how the WSAP program would be ran in the final year (4) of the grant.  Given the immense geographic area of Washington State it was determined that additional employees would be required to complete the outreach activities.  A total of 4 full and part time employees were hired, training occurred online and in person at the University of Washington in Seattle with Co-PI's Washington Assistive Technology Act Program (WATAP) and Northwest Access Fund on September 12th, 2022.  Since that time there have been outreach performed at multiple workshops and conferences.  A total of three home assessments have been performed. eNote write ups deadlines were met and weekly team meetings completed.  The team is well on its way of accomplishing deliverables laid out in the original grant application and is excited for the future outreach events.

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Authors: Don McMoran
  1. McMoran, D. Agriculture and Natural Resources Extension Faculty- Director, Washington State University, Washington, 98233