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Extension Education

Rachel Rhodes
Senior Agent
University of Maryland Extension


In 2019, the Podcast Consumer Report cited that 51% of the US population has listened to a podcast, with 32% listening to at least one podcast a month and 22% listening to a podcast weekly (Edison Research, 2019).  As our world and technology evolve, Extension must be able to adapt to use new technology to extend its mission of providing the public with non-biased research-based information and to reach diverse audiences. The Garden Thyme Podcast is a monthly educational podcast developed by University of Maryland Extension educators to teach residents about building healthy gardens, landscapes, and communities using sustainable gardening techniques for novice to advanced gardeners. There have been twenty episodes published since October 2019. Results were as follows as of March 2021: >5,370 downloads, >742 minutes of content, with an average of  269 listens per episode, 68% of listens are on mobile devices (iPhones and Androids), 32 % are on computers, 96% of listeners are from the United States with minimal international listens. During 2020 the podcast held three live Zoom garden questions and answer sessions. Results were as follows: 221 participants reached over three monthly diagnostic webinars. 42% of participants felt an improvement in diagnostic and identification skills post-webinar. 75% of participants anticipate planting more native plant species and 36% of participants plan to remove invasive plant species. 28% of participants plan to use their local Extension resources in the future.

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Authors: R. Rhodes, E. Zobel, M. Boley
  1. Rhodes, R. Agent Associate, University of Maryland Extension, Maryland, 21617
  2. Zobel, E. Senior Agent Associate, University of Maryland Extension, Maryland, 21613
  3. Boley, M. Senior Agent Associate, University of Maryland Extension, Maryland, 21601