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Extension Education

Don McMoran
Agriculture and Natural Resources Extension Faculty- Director
Washington State University


Every other year, personnel from WSU Skagit County Extension located in Burlington, Washington teach the five week, Gearing Up for Safety farm safety course  in the spring (mid-April – mid-May).  The Gearing Up for Safety course participants receive 24 hours of instruction especially designed to meet the current safety training requirements contained in the Agricultural Hazardous Occupations Order (AgHOs).  This order set forth by the Federal government applies to youth ages 14-15 that are required to have certification of training prior to performing tasks considered particularly hazardous on farms and ranches. The curriculum has also been tested with other audiences and has been shown to be a useful program for training older youth not effected by the AgHOs, full- and part-time farm employees, and migrant and seasonal farm workers assigned to operate, service, or maintain agricultural tractors and equipment. This paper provides a summary of the evaluations of the course located at WSU Skagit County Extension for the 2008, 2010 and 2012 spring Gearing Up for Safety Course.


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Authors: D. Mcmoran
  1. Mcmoran, D. Agriculture and Natural Resources Extension Educator- Director, Washington State University, Washington, 98233