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Extension Education

Thad Glenn
County Extension Agent
University of Georgia


   The annual Farm Gate value for small ruminant production is valued at $116,250 here in Stephens County and growing. The majority of these producers either sell show quality stock or raise animals for meat production in local markets. In addition to the established producers in the county, many new farmers are beginning in small ruminant production. Many see this as a cheaper entry into farming when compared to raising beef cattle as the average cost for an adult goat is 133% cheaper on average than an adult cow.  Educating small ruminant producers in the county on the basics of pasture management, animal health, and animal selection makes established producers more profitable and sustainable while also ensuring newer producers have a positive first experience with farming. The Stephens County Agriculture and Natural Resources Agent in collaboration with the Small Ruminant Specialist at Fort Valley State University held a Small Ruminant Production meeting on December 4th, 2019. 25 producers from 4 Georgia counties and 1 county in South Carolina attended the meeting. The Stephens County ANR agent spoke about the importance of soil sampling, proper soil fertility, and forage management for small ruminants operations. The Fort Valley State Small Ruminant specialist spoke about animal nutrition, maintenance and health, reproduction, and selection. A post program evaluation revealed that 86% of the participants found the information shared to be useful and interesting. The evaluation also revealed that 81% of the participants had an improved knowledge of small ruminant production practices.

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Authors: T. Glenn
  1. Glenn, T. County Extension Agent, University of Georgia, Georgia, 30538