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Applied Research

Gail Langellotto
Master Gardener Statewide Coordinator
Oregon State University


Extension professionals are often asked whether or not planting and maintaining a home vegetable garden is a good economic investment.  However, reliable data on the economic costs and benefits has been hard to come by.  The objective of this study was to assess how much home vegetable gardeners can expect to spend and recoup from their efforts.  I searched the literature to find studies that rigorously documented the costs and benefits associated with starting and maintaining a vegetable garden.  An analysis of published data suggests that home vegetable gardens are profitable, if the fair market value of garden labor is not included in calculated costs.  On average, home vegetable gardens can produce $677 worth of fruits and vegetables, above and beyond the cost of $238 worth of materials and supplies.  It is thus reasonable for Extension professionals to promote vegetable gardening as an economical way to supplement the family food budget.


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Authors: G. Langellotto
  1. Langellotto, G. Master Gardener Statewide Coordinator, Oregon State University, Oregon, 97331