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Extension Education

Sarah Kenyon
Field Specialist in Agronomy
University of Missouri Extension
West Plains


Pastureland makes up approximately 16% of Missouri’s land use area (Milhollin et al., 2018).  Further, pastureland and grazing education increases Missouri’s beef industry by $125 million annually (Milhollin et al., 2018).  In collaboration with local FFA advisors, a necessity for youth education on pasture management was discovered.  In addition, the majority of 4-H members in south central Missouri tend to quit 4-H as they enter their high school years.  To address these needs the Youth Grasslands Summit was developed.  Area FFA students participated in a one-day summit covering the fundamentals of rotational grazing management along with how to protect the environment.  Grassland experts from University of Missouri Extension, Natural Resource Conservation Service, and Missouri Department of Conservation presented the material.  Hands-on activates were incorporated to promote participant engagement, learning, and retention (Hein, 1991; Hein, 1987).  From year one to year two, participant numbers increased 42%.  Students excelled in plant identification activities, along with soil sampling, and wildlife considerations.  In addition, students were able to learn from experts with careers in grasslands, and students indicated that they enjoyed learning about careers in agriculture, which was an unintended benefit.  After attending the Youth Grassland Summit, the West Plains FFA Grassland team placed third at the District Grassland Competition which qualified them for the state competition.  In the survey, 100% of FFA advisors who attended said the summit was a good use of time for their students and they would return.

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Authors: S. Kenyon, K. Tate, E. Picking, T. Young
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  2. Tate, K. Community Engagement, Youth, University of Missouri Extension, Missouri, 65775
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