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The Feasibility of Watering Aged Pecan Orchards

Extension Education

Kyle Sanders
CEA - Agriculture
University of Arkansas Syst. Div. of Agri. Ext. Serv.


Over the past generation many pecan orchards have been abandoned in Lonoke County Arkansas. As a result, many have gone out of production . Families have since given thought to the idea of regeneration of these orchards, making them productive yet again. Research has been conducted to help identify orchards that are candidates for regeneration and several aspects of this research have been identified that are factors affecting the feasibility of helping these orchards produce pecans regardless of the variety. Trees in these orchards are on average forty years old and older. Soil tests along with proper watering are two of the major issues not to mention insect and disease control that many times have not been dealt with since the orchards were unattended. The orchard floors must be cleaned, soil samples taken. Trees in these orchards require watering far beyond what the micro watering systems of younger orchards can muster to adequately provide for proper irrigation. The question is whether all the issues mentioned above are enough to bring the trees back to a productive state. In our research the answer in many cases is yes, these older trees can be productive once again. Water being used from nearby row crop fields can be used as a source of irrigation. This water that would otherwise just be subject to run-off after field irrigation can be a life saving tool to revive these older orchards. These orchards are all part of Integrated Pest Management demonstrations that can be used by clients across the state if an alternative water source is available.

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Authors: Kyle Sanders
  1. Sanders, K. CEA - Agriculture, University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture, Arkansas, 72086