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Extension Education

Eric Barrett
Associate Professor
Ohio State University Extension


Current training processes for new educators involve general orientations offered by state level human resources.  Program area training is sporadic, with occasional in-service trainings presented, also at the state level.  A hiring surge of new educators in our system revealed a need new training opportunities within our program area for support of and collaboration with these new educators.  New educators were asking many questions about county program management and basic daily questions from clientele.  Thus, a grass roots approach was taken to encourage collaboration among the new educators.  The collaborative efforts started with emails to welcome new educators, then group emails to invite them to participate in a roundtable session. Sessions are now offered face-to-face two times per year.  Beyond these meetings, new educators have a shared file in the cloud in which to share important resources and information. Experienced educators share presentations for pesticide recertification, office management/participation, communication ideas, and other program specific information to present at programs. A listserv was created for the new educators to discuss issues and share experiences.  Informal evaluations were conducted to gain insight into the needs of new educators. Twenty three new educators continue to report positive outcomes from connections with experienced educators and other new educators. New educators stated their most important areas of assistance included answering farmers and consumer questions; program planning and marketing; documenting and reporting; time management; and county office functions. Further evaluation will be conducted to measure areas of success and to determine future needs.


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Authors: D.E. Shoemaker, E.E. Barrett
  1. Shoemaker, D. Field Specialist, Dairy Economics, OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY EXTENSION, Ohio, 44406
  2. Barrett, E. Assistant Professor, OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY EXTENSION, Ohio, 44406