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Extension Education

Janet Laminack
Texas A&M AgriLife Extension


Denton County Master Gardeners have several special interest groups including Herbal Branch, Plant Propagation Team, Tree Team and Gardenscapers. These groups provide specialized volunteering opportunities and education in their subject area. These groups meet monthly and offer members an advanced training component presented by a special speaker or a group member. The leaders of these groups work closely with the County Extension Agent to ensure that the service and training opportunities are beneficial and appropriate for the Master Gardener program. Herbal Branch has individual members select an herb to research and to present at the monthly meeting. The meeting also features recipes made with the herb. The Herbal Branch member now has a presentation ready to give to the public and herb presentations are in demand with the speakers’ bureau. Gardenscapers have undertaken a study of famous gardens to understand the elements of design. They then use this knowledge to assist with landscape designs for community organizations such as county facilities and schools. The Tree Team does site visits to learn about common tree problems and assist the public through one-on-one education. The Plant Propagation Team teaches propagation techniques while members practice propagating plants for the annual plant sale.  These groups create more knowledgeable volunteers by capitalizing on the enthusiasm and passion of Master Gardeners in niche topics. These groups also put like-minded individuals together working on a common goal which builds community in a larger Master Gardener group, like Denton County with over 200 members.


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Authors: J.E. Laminack
  1. Laminack, J. CEA-HORT, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, Texas, 76201