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Extension Education

Katie Teague
Univ of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service


     Increased urban development in Northwest Arkansas is intensifying the challenges of managing stormwater pollutants and flows to protect regional water quality.  A knowledge gap exists as regional cities, businesses, and homeowners are seeking guidance and expertise in the areas of sustainable landscaping and rainwater harvesting as a means of mitigating the effects of increased stormwater runoff. In response, a series of “Blue Pathways: Sustainable Landscaping and Engineering for Stormwater Management” workshops have been conducted from March 2011 to March 2014, equipping landscape architects, design engineers, irrigation specialists and installation contractors with the knowledge and skills to enhance rainwater utilization and stormwater management in residential, commercial, and municipal landscape and irrigation designs.  To date, five different workshops have emphasized soils, bioswales, bioretention, rainwater harvesting, permeable pavements and native plants, attracting 239 different participants, with 86 attending multiple workshops.  As a measure of success, 199 evaluations indicated that 87% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that they learned new skills that will help them in their jobs while 93% agreed or strongly agreed that they were stimulated to learn more.  Written comments included; “I appreciate the continued evolution of this line of topics provided through this series of seminars.  Each session has reinforced the previous lessons while expanding on the topics and concepts.” and “I would like to see more of this type of event.”  By providing this specialized technical training, local green industry professionals are more able to effectively communicate market and utilize their sustainable landscaping and stormwater management expertise.


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Authors: K.* Teague, J. Maginot, P. Ouei
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  2. Maginot, J. Prog.Assoc. - Stormwater Education, University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service, Arkansas, 72704
  3. Ouei, P. CEA - Stormwater Education, University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service, Arkansas, 72712