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Extension Education

Creig Kimbro
University of Tennessee Extension


Many landowners have seemingly observed the success of farmers even through tough economic suppression.   As a result of these observations, many landowners and part time farmers have asked the question, “Can I Farm…and Be Profitable?” In an effort to provide educational programming to an underserved audience, UT Extension in Grundy County has developed and implemented six (6) educational seminars aimed to address this question.  The fee-based program included topics such as: business management, marketing, product liability, goats, beef cattle, fruits, and vegetables.  The program was available to anyone interested in improving an existing operation or a beginning farmer.  As a result of this educational effort, thirty-five (35) participants attended the program.  These participants reported gaining knowledge on all topics covered by sixty-seven percent (67%) and the program reportedly had an economic impact of $40,500.  Eighty-eight percent (88%) of all participants that completed the program reported that they would adopt information received.


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Authors: C.C. Kimbro
  1. Kimbro, C. Extension Agent III, University of Tennessee Extension, Tennessee, 37313