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Extension Education

Brandy VanDeWalle
NE Extension


Since 2011, over 120 Nebraska agriculture education instructors have participated in the Nebraska Agriculture Education Soils Project (NAESP). The Nebraska Environmental Trust funded a $200,000 grant for this project. In 2011, 80 agriculture educators participated and received soil science education with the project continuing in 2012 and 2013. In 2012, two field days taught 92 agricultural education instructors from Nebraska on soil quality. Teachers received a soil quality testing kit ($500 value) with lesson plans to utilize in their soils curriculum. This statewide event brought together the Nebraska Department of Education, NRCS, and soil testing professionals, in addition to a team of UNL Extension faculty.

 In 2013, nearly 120 teachers learned about soil health using various tests and the application those tests have in real world agricultural situations. In addition, teachers received soil science curriculum and access to the UNL Extension CropWatch-Youth website with soils resources. YouTube videos have been created by NRCS and are posted on the UNL Extension Crops- Youth webpage. Evaluations (n=56) showed that on average, 31% of teachers have used the fifteen soil tests and demonstrations given in 2012 and 45% of teachers plan to use their soil test buckets to perform tests and demonstrations as part of their curriculum. Sixty three percent of teachers plan to use the buckets outside of the classroom to enhance FFA involvement among students.


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Authors: B. Vandewalle
  1. Vandewalle, B. EXT. EDUCATOR, UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA, Nebraska, 68361