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Extension Education

Sonja Crawford
Extension Agent III - 4-H/Livestock
University of Florida - Hendry County


Background: Gardening Camp 1.0 was presented to youth virtually utilizing ZOOM in Charlotte, DeSoto, Glades, Hardee, Hendry, and Miami-Dade counties.  Objectives/Purpose:  The program was a collaborative effort to engage and provide plant science education and hands-on learning to youth who were at home during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Gardening is an inexpensive way for youth to be outdoors promoting physical health and well-being while growing a nutritious commodity.  Gardening can increase one’s self-esteem, self-confidence as well as provide a sense of gratification.  Method:  Gardening Camp 1.0 was held on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s for three weeks for one hour.  The topics included:  Plant Basics, Why are Plants Important, Vegetable Gardening, Fun with Plants, Food Safety and the Future of Plants and You.  A hand’s on activity complimented each presentation topic.  Conclusion:  An average of twenty-six (26) youth represented in six (6) counties attended the Gardening Camp 1.0 program.  A pre- and post-question test was designed for each topic to determine the success of the program.  Of the respondents, 100% indicted they learned something new as well as 100% indicated the program met or exceeded their expectations and needs.  With the success of this program, Gardening Camp 2.0 will be presented as the next program. 


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Authors: S. C. Crawford
  1. Crawford, S. Extension Agent III - 4-H/Livestock, University of Florida - Hendry County, Florida, 33975-0068