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Educating young cattlemen through innovative competitions

Extension Education

Carole Knight
Extension 4-H Specialist
University of Georgia


Georgia cattle producers own approximately 1.3 million head of cattle worth more than $676 million.  Annual cash receipts total more than $262 million, making cattle production the state’s sixth largest cash crop.  Because cattle are grown in all 159 counties of Georgia, the beef industry has a large impact on the state’s economy.  The average age of the Georgia farmer is 60, which has increased 2 years since 2007.  This means to sustain the cattle industry in the state, more young people need to enter into production.  Although there are many opportunities to learn about beef cattle through the showring and ag education classes, projects focusing on beef cattle production outside of the showring and classroom are limited.  The University of Georgia’s Beef Team hosts two competitions to educate youth and encourage them to be involved in beef cattle production. First, the Georgia Junior Herd Builder Program allows youth to compete while developing a group of three heifers. Students not only become BQA certified, but learn about cattle nutrition, reproduction, herd health, record keeping and much more.  This program was started in 2021 and to date, 18 youth have completed the program. The Top Hand Stockmanship and Stewardship Contest seeks to inspire, educate, and equip Georgia’s youth with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to be successful advocates and/or employees of the beef cattle industry.  Contestants compete in teams of three, working cattle through a handling facility, demonstrating good stockmanship skills, knowledge of quality assurance and health product use.  The inaugural contest was held in the Fall of 2022.  Twelve teams of 3 competed across three regional contests, with six teams advancing on to the state contest.  These competitions are put on through a collaborative effort of the University of Georgia Beef Team, Georgia Cattlemen’s Association, and allied industry sponsors.

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Authors: Carole Knight, Marissa Blackwell, Dylan Davis, Jason Duggin, Lawton Stewart
  1. Knight, C. County Extension Coordinator, University of Georgia Extension, Georgia, 30633
  2. Blackwell, M. Programs Coordinator, UGA Animal and Dairy Science, Georgia, 30602
  3. Davis, D. Youth Livestock Specialist, UGA Animal and Dairy Science, Georgia, 30602
  4. Duggin, J. Beef Cattle Specialist, UGA Animal and Dairy Science, Georgia, 30701
  5. Stewart, L. Beef Cattle Specialist, UGA Animal and Dairy Science, Georgia, 30602