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Jennifer Schutter


      Garden n’ Grow is a gardening program for youth ages 9-13. It is designed to provide youth a summer activity where they can be involved with others in a relaxed, outdoor atmosphere without classroom walls and with plenty of hands-on activities while learning about growing vegetables. The goals of Garden n’ Grow are to teach youth how to properly plant, maintain, and harvest a garden, as well as the importance of healthy eating and sharing with others in need. Youth learn by hands-on experiences where rapid results are achieved with plants, and the youth can successfully apply knowledge gained. Lessons cover nearly every gardening topic including planting methods, plant biology, insects, disease, soils and harvesting. Instruction includes using ecologically sound practices such as organic or natural methods of pest management, companion planting and the importance of water quality. Youth are taught fun and healthy ways to prepare and preserve the produce. The summer of 2014 will make the fifteenth year for the program at the Adair County Extension Center, in Kirksville, Missouri. In the past 14 years, over 140 youth have completed the program and nearly 6,000 pounds of produce has been donated to local food pantries where hundreds of low income residents have benefited from receiving it. Evaluations given to participants five years after the program indicate that 90% of the youth continue gardening at home, 50% have donated produce to someone in need and 100% eat healthier because they learned the importance of eating fresh fruits and vegetables.


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Authors: J. Schutter
  1. Schutter, J. HORTICULTURE SPECIALIST, University of Missouri Extension, Missouri, 63501