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Extension Education

Kevin Camm
County Extension Director
UF/IFAS Extension Orange County


Fewer Americans are being raised on farms than 50 years ago, but agricultural education is considered to be more important than ever—helping young people understand the complex food system that keeps American’s food supply safe and secure. Urban youth rarely have opportunities to experience agriculture first hand nor do they have any curriculum in the schools. Therefore exposure and awareness is minimal. Agriculture involves much more than the science of growing plants and raising animals. In the Lynchburg City Schools 5th Grade Urban Agriculture program, 4-H, Agriculture & Natural Resources, and Family Consumer Sciences Extension Agents collaborated with many partners to host the successful two day event which used agricultural components to teach the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL). From using fresh strawberries to extract DNA to teach about plant cells, constructing 3-D Animal Cell models, using fresh apples from local orchards to teach about the importance of soil sustainability, to how wheat from the field makes it all the way to the dinner table, this program encapsulates just that.  This event impacted not only the 600+ 5th graders, but the community as well. Each student received the skills and materials to make fresh bread in their homes for their family as well as to donate to the ones less fortunate in their community. Over 400 loaves of bread were donated to various non-profit organizations throughout Lynchburg who directly served the less fortunate.


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