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Extension Education

Hailey Partain
County Extension Coordinator
University of Georgia


Over the last five to ten years, middle Georgia has experienced farm turnover. New farmers have moved to the area, and the number of cattle producers has continued to fluctuate. Cooperative Extension and the Natural Resource Conservation Service have seen a drastic increase in beginning farmer cattle management questions. There have been approximately 35 new (out of county) famers moved to the area and about 80% of the current farms have experience turnover, generationally. This has led to the need for an increase in beef cattle management programming. The purpose of the Beef Cattle 101 Educational series was to meet the educational needs of new cattle producers in the middle Georgia area. The programs were hosted to provide the necessary background information to start or take over a beef cattle cow/calf operation. The series was a 10-month program that educated local (beginning, veteran, and novice) producers on the ins-and-outs of beef cattle production. The focus started on forages, moved to equipment, and then finished with animal science topics. The topics included: Getting Started (GATE Card, FSA Programs, Record Keeping), Grazing Systems for Cattle, Planning Your Grazing System (Establishment, Renovation, Management), Weed Management/Sprayer Calibration, Forage Review, Structural Practices/Equipment, Cattle Nutrition/Selection, Herd Health, Beef Quality Assurance, Meat Science, Summary and Review. The Beef Cattle 101 program series was a success with a total of 219 participants throughout the entire course: 65% beginning farmers, 14% veteran farmers, and 21% established farmers. Participants were not expected to attend all sessions, but majority chose to. Participants ranged from multiple counties including but not limited to, Upson, Lamar, Pike, Monroe, and Crawford. The series grant sponsor made it possible for each attendee (of the first night program) to get up to ten free soil samples each. With those results, we were able to help come up with a game plan for pasture renovation, establishment, and management throughout the first five months of the program. As a result of the program series, 100% of the participants have continued to utilized FSA, NRCS, and Cooperative Extension in their perspective counties and regularly check-in regarding available educational materials. 

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Authors: H. Robinson, C. Westerfield
  1. Robinson, H. County Extension Coordinator, University of Georgia, Georgia, 30286
  2. Westerfield, C. District Conservationist, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Georgia, 30204